September 25, 2015


Hello dear readers of Drama in my head,

this is what happened in the months I was absent from blogging:

  • I decided I want to do my MA back in my home country, Slovenia: I was accepted to Video and new media at Academy of Fine Art in Ljubljana, and I'm starting in October. Really looking forward to it, even if this time studying will be mixing with working (first finding a job), creating and living between countries. And this should be great fun, I am just practicing how to surf the uncertainty. This is why I bought a minimalistic bracelet with written NOW, to remind me to live in the present. You can get yours here.

  • here is my vimeo profile if you want to check the videos I did with my dearest friend Rafael. Yes, they may not be what you expected and they may be weird, but who said the art must always be understood? This year at Venice biennale I saw video of Dalí having an interview on one american tv show. When the host asked him: Can you please explain us what this painting represent he was like: That's a difficult one. Dalí doesn't really know the meaning of this one, sometimes is too much even for him. For me, some of art shouldn't be explained, it should be felt deep down in bones. So if you will be watching the videos me and Rafael did, take your time. Put them in full screen and let everything go. You will feel the colours and music and get kind of high- but that was not the main goal. The main goal is personal for everyone. We see it as a transition period- you know when you are growing, everything feels like pain, but if you look back, that pain was in some kind of way beautiful.

  • The thing is, life really is unpredictable and you can't know what is waiting for you. Five years ago I was afraid of losing my dreams. I didn't know what was my way and if fashion design was the right choice or not. Now, at 26, I know I am the only one responsible for what I do and how I decide to spend my time. And I also know that things happen for a reason- the life leaves some space for magic. If I didn't make all those "mistakes", I wouldn't be here where I am now. I wouldn't meet all the amazing people I did if I made it in the first place.  It's important to make mistakes because they make us people. I am grateful for all the mistakes that led me here.

  •  My boyfriend told me a quote yesterday: There is no difference between a coward and a hero: they both feel fear. But what makes them different is the reaction: the hero reacts even if he is scared to death, while coward hides and waits things to pass. And this applies to life in general and to art. It's important to be brave when comes to exposing yourself. Standing out of the crowd. Doing things and moving forward, even if you know they are not perfect (yet).

  • I'm reading Houellebecq's works now. What hit me while reading Atomised is that the connections with people are actually the most important thing in our lives: if we have none, we have less reasons to live, to get bigger, to grow, to create. Of course there are people who prefer to be alone and connect just with nature, but I know that without my closest humans I'd feel really lost. Connections, real ones, are the most precious things in this world.

  • I saw Every thing will be fine by Wim Wenders yesterday. (unfortunately in Italian- in Italy they dub films). I liked the characters- they were not good or bad- they were just human. With flaws and good qualities. And in the end every thing will be fine. 

Love, Andreja