August 5, 2014


there's a special energy in early mornings
calm and pure but still mysterious
everyone still asleep and aware of nothing
you woke up
to see the sunrise drinking coffee
and smelling the serenity of empty streets
 sensing the vibes of the day that is about to come
smiling at the sky
as this little morning time was your little secret

I made this cotton dotted top few days ago and I've been wearing it like, all the time. I felt the need of creating something that I can wear, something simple, classic but with a twist. So I designed a top with simple front and with open back. It can be worn both as lingerie or daywear, and this is what makes me thinking that I may need more versatile clothes like that.

The fabric is quite old, I found it in a pile of stuff that my grandmother used for sewing, and it could give a touch of vintage, but then it recompenses with the open back that is sexy in a non traditional way. 

The pictures were taken in the morning, I wear no make up. Few years ago I'd be horrified to have my face photographed without make up, but with years you grow and your self-love also improves, you accept things on your body that you used to call them imperfections, and translate them into specialities. Everything is in your interpretation and attitude, you decide if you want to feel beautiful or not.  


Kristina Kac said...

Hude slikce!! :)

Andrea said...

Hvala :)

Anonymous said...

it's really sexy, the only thing that wanders me is if it has any protection for a breast?