July 1, 2014


do you ever think of death? 

we all should.

we are going to die. we will be old with grey hair and legs that won't obey us. 

no moment is for sure.

no moment is guaranteed.

can you imagine that you can die right now, after reading this post?

would there be any trace left by you?  

I dare you to think about it. 

if you'd remind yourself of death more often, you'd recognise how much time we waste.

we argue with our loved ones because of stupid things.

we spend time doing things that make us depressed.

we think too much about negative things. 

we are scared to be who we realy are: 

beautiful, elegant, happy, and graceful

we tend to hide our greatness 

saying to ourselves that we're not good enough

treating ourselves bad

while we should look up the sky more often

 and realize that we can free ourselves only by our own

reality is in the eye of the beholder

would you start laughing when you know our time is limited?

would you hug more, love more?

would you stop worrying and embrace life how it is?

Do it.

All photos by me.

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