July 30, 2014

on being a child in adult way

  • In the last few days I feel that my life has going to have a slight twist. Not in a bad direction, I mean. Let’s say I was too scared to admit, but it had to come to this point, where you need to take some compromises, in order to find yourself and your purpose.

  • Before writing this I went for a walk in the nearest park, where was a swing. I sat for a while and start pushing my legs up in the sky and down, in order to get higher, faster. It was just me and this simple act of swinging, the sky had Monet’s colours because of previous storm and there was no one around. How can you become so quickly focused on something? It’s true that usually when doing simple and repetitive actions that we’ve been doing for all our life, or things that we used to do as kids, we get the best ideas and memories, feeling memories.

  • I said some weeks ago to my boyfriend that I don’t want to grow up because the world is too scary and too rough for me. I was in a Peter Pan’s mood and nothing could change my view on things. Than happened few things and I realised that maybe not everything is so dark and heavy, but there are people who do have feelings, dreams and fears as I do, and thinking in this direction it helped me open more.

  • I am still in discovery, still searching for the right light. And I need to learn to be patient. I need to relearn how to play. How not to forget to feed that Peter Pan inside me. Slowly, gradually, with baby steps. Less comparison, less self-judgement, less perfection, more play, more love, more faith.



duckalicious said...

"Less comparison, less self-judgement, less perfection, more play, more love, more faith."

tole sem si že skopirala, ker je tko perfektno povedano, da se splača večkrat prebrat <3

Andrea said...

<3 <3 <3