June 24, 2014


I am an outsider, I've always been one. In the primary school I was the nerdy one that was always reading and talking about LOTR. In high school I wanted to be a part of the society but it really didn't work out well. Design university turned out to be the institution where I felt the best: I met people weird as I am. I'm so thankful for that because they are one of the most brilliant, kind and inspiring persons in my life and I don't know if I'd be who I am today without them.

  Being the outsider doesn't actually mean that you are unpopular, sad and strange person. Sometimes you are some of those, but not necessarily. I see being an outsider more as a choice than a fact, and I can't see myself choosing different.

In the last days I've been participating in an art project in Milan, that in the first sight I found quite interesting. It turned out that it was more like a high school: the rich and braggy artists were the ones that got attention while some others (including me) were not important enough to get any of it. It didn't matter if the ideas were much more innovative, it was all about the name and the money.

Me and some cool folks pulled out when it was already too humiliating to be there and being ignored for everything you say. An experience in CV is not worth that much.

Back in my universitiy time, my dear professor said something that back in those times I didn't even pay attention to, but it came in to my mind today:

Don't try to be a part of them, because they'll never let you to. Make your own winning team. 

My life experience confirms this every f* time. When I worked with someone that believed in the same things I did, with someone that was calm, self-conscious, humble and open, we did amazing things. And whenever I found myself in a bunch of assholes with big ego and small brain I escaped dissapointed.

It's really imporant to be surrounded by people who believe in you, who support you, who love you for who you are, who know to listen and who don't need to prove anything to anyone. With this kind of people in your team, you are going to win. And the prize may not be a big amount of money or anything fancy, but it will be an inside win, that makes this world worth living, proving there are people with heart and vision and where is still possible to express yourself and create something beautiful together.

What about you? What are your experiences with insiders/outsiders? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading and commenting, you definitely are part of my winning team! :)  


Anita (Life.Style.Fun.) said...

Jaz mam tak rada tvoje objave da joj! Čisto me dvigneš, vsakič! Kot da govoriš direktno meni. Ah! <3

Andrea said...

ooo to me pa res veseli :) <3