June 4, 2014


Here is the fact: everything sucks these days. 

I guess you've been there too. Everything seems black and you can't see no sun ray coming back to your life, ever. And moreover, everyone around you seem so happy when you are deeply in suffer. If you have that melodramatic side that is sometimes keen on taking things in life too personal and too serious, this post may be for you.

I put together some advices that usually work good for me:

- Admit that it's a shitty day and have a cry.  
 You don't have to be always on top smiling and be perfect in any sitaution. You are just human.

- Have a walk/run.
 It's good to put your body into action, in this way the good hormones start producing and you get new perspective on whole thing.

- Dress up. 
You may tought that this one is a bit srange one, but believe me, just putting your favourite dress on, putting on some make up and bright lipstick can really lift you up.

- Remember yourself of what you've achieved.
Yes, you've already been through a lot. But all the greatest improvements come after a hard time. Remind yourself what you have already done, achieve, and what are your next dreams.

-Count your blessings.
May it seem so obvious, but you are alive. Be grateful for that, and for eveyone that is a part of your life: your friends, family, love...Be grateful for what you can do with your life, remember that not everone is that lucky.

- Treat yourself.
My friend's advice is that whenever she feel bad, she buys some good and expensive healthy food. After that she can really feel strong and empowered. Some other say that there is no better medicine than shopping. Whatever works for you, don't skip this one. As Julia Cameron writes in awesome book The Artist's way: 

Amen to that.

What are your techniques when you feel down? Let me know in the comments below!


duckalicious said...

super nasveti, moje tehnike so zelo podobne (z izjemo nakupovanja, ojoj, tega pa nikoli več na slab dan - še vedno prodajam cunje, ki so se mi nabrale v depresivnih letih). dodala bi še iskren pogovor ljubečo osebo, odlično se mi pa obnese tudi ozaveščanje avtomatskih negativnih misli in zavestno spreminjanje v pozitivne. ta tehnika in njeno ozadje sta na dolgo in široko razložena v knjigi dr. seligmana "learned optimism" (v slovenščini "naučimo se optimizma"), ki jo ful priporočam, mene je res potegnila iz dreka (skoraj bi dodala dobesedno, haha)

Vonnie said...

High heels. I look better, my legs seems to be longer and since I have to focus more on keeping balance than on dark thoughts, my mind is cleaner. Btw, for high heels I understand everything higher than 10 cm.