June 17, 2014


Do you like inspirational quotes about how to live your life to the fullest? I certainly do, there are tons of them on the social networks nowadays. Surrounded by beautiful pictures with happy people, written in fancy fonts they are like a cupcake for the day. I admit, some days I have too many. I like to loose myself reading inspirational stories and looking at the nice pictures daydreaming about all the possibilities that can occur in my life. In real life, when you really go for your dream is not really flowery and easy, that's for sure. But one thing is for sure: if you don't take the road that was meant for you, that your heart is begging you to take, you will regret it for all your life.

I've recently watched french movie Blue is the warmest color (that I highly recommend) where the main character Adèle is having a relationship with older girl, an art student. Adèle likes to read and she also writes, but she hasn't the courage to expose her work. Her artsy girlfriend encourages her to write, to try create something hers that will fulfill her. Adèle responds that she has the love that fulfills her, and that she only writes for herself. Later in the movie we see that her parents doesn't really believe in art because it's difficult to live and eat from it. When her girlfriend is preparing an exhibition and working long hours she is unhappy and cheats her with another man. The artist find out and she brokes up with Adèle. 

Infidelity, according to Steven Pressfield in War of Art, is one of the main excuses for not  doing your art. Then come drugs, partying, any kind of addictions, food, sex, alcohol, .. all this are dramas that were supposed to be art. 

Instead of doing what we secretly want to do, we destroy ourselves, we destroy our relationships, our time, our hopes. If we don't do our art, we suffer. And people around us suffer. Because people who love you wants you to shine. If they love you for real, they will understand that you need that hour or two a day to create and be just by yourself. 
When I don't create, I'm really getting on everyone's nerves, I really can't support myself.
That's why the best time to do art (if you can) is in the morning. In this way you have all the day to live calmly in peace with yourself. You've done your soul work for that day. The world seems nicer. 

Now go there, do your work and let yourself GLOW. Thank you.


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