August 8, 2013


sleeping wherever we want
little rumors coming from the tent
blues while swimming under the stars
ice coffes and books
lolita dress and red shoes
suncream and water
salty skin where you have tatoo
disconnected from the world
but synhronised by soul
summer rain and secret beaches
diamonds in a spider web
getting lost and being found  
fruits candles and massages
unexpected smiles and ice creams
dirty jokes and laughing until crying
afternoon naps and slow waking ups
swimming suits and naked ankles
and the sea between us
sea of love

Pics taken on our last trip to Croatian Islands, Lošinj and Cres. Most of them taken in a place called Lubenice, a hidden jewel with no internet connection, one bar, one restaurant and lots of cats. Beautiful.

I'm now working on developing a bussiness, waking up 6am and going to sleep before 11. What seemed impossible before is now a routine, a creative one. Time got different value and this is good. It's precious and there is no need to throw it away.