May 9, 2013




Last weekend was quite busy, I had to make two custom made dresses, but I have to say I really enjoyed it. The feeling when you do something for the customer and she's happy about it is worth much more than every A I got at the university. I prefer to work as a freelancer than to be employee of one big company, where everyone has his position and you can't participate in other projects. I like to do a project from the beginning until the end, with some small help but more or less by my own.

 First dress was for Klavdija, she wanted to have a summer dress in bold orange and I combined it with lace. We went to take some photos in the nearest field and they came out really nice. The next photoshooting I'll post soon!

I am a homeless soul
you are my home

cities are my home
oceans are my home
never ending search 
for places which make you feel alive
for people who carry stories 
that need to be written

I feel good in places with million souls
where I can hide in a crowd 
and reflect my toughts
through the eyes of strangers
and eat the passion 
from those in hurry for something better
those places smell of freedom
my favourite smell


duckalicious said...

jst pa glih (no, v bistvu že celo večnost) iščem nekoga, k bi mi znal kej sešit po mojih željah. a se lahko "nakonektava" (fejsbuk?) pa kej zmenva, če si za seveda?

sandryca said...

waaawww...brez besed...noro dobre fotke <3

Andrea said...

@Saša- z veseljem, te bom dodala! :)
@sandryca- hvala!

Kristina Kac said...

Joooj, kakšna svetloba...
in barve!

Lepote narave :) In seveda iz tvoje roke :)

Evelina said...

Zelo lepo sešito in poslikano. Že čakamo na drugo stvaritev (:

Andrea said...

Hvala obema! :)