April 10, 2013


"I have always been impressed by the birds. Their colors, their shape, how easily and elegantly they move...  it seems they are one with the air. But what I find the most intriguing about them is that they can fly. How amazing must be the feeling of being completely free, to be able to spread the wings and go wherever you want.   And every journey is an explosion of colors and shapes, that psychedelic feeling of freedom is what I envy them most."

I want to share with you series of my paintings "psychedelic birds" which was inaugurated last thursday in Salo', Italy. It was a nice evening and I'd like to thank everyone who came. 
And everyone who supported me when I was struggling with my existential problems. But in the end, I finished it. And this is what I am proud of.

Tavi wrote a great post on Rookie which reguards questions that continuously cross my mind.
Here is the paragraph that I read almost everyday to convince myself that I have something to give to the world and that there is a chance to find that peace in me which was never lost but just hidden in the hurricane of thoughts and too shy to compare with them. 

....But if you don’t convince yourself that there’s something you can take out of or contribute to the world each day, you’d just never get out of bed in the morning, and most people who have the luxury of seriously considering such stupid existential crises (meeeee) have no reason to feel weighed down by the potential damage that’s out there anyways.....

Have a great day.


Evelina Donko said...

Woow, čudovite slike. Sploh od daleč. Še majčko si lepo kombinirala s svojimi slikami (:

Andrea said...

Hvala! :)