February 23, 2013


Freedom is a heavy thing. It is scary and it takes lots of courage, patience and some kind of madness to insist on it.

It's been two months since I graduated and almost every day I am struggling with the question of freedom. 

What freedom means to me? 

It is the way of living. I know I cannot imagine myself working somewhere I have to wait for orders and permissions, I'm tired of waiting and it makes me crazy when I do things that are a waste of time. Creating is about not losing time and making something good for the world and inspire others. It is about using your potentials to the fullest and be active and passionate about your work.  

It is the hardest way.

Life comes in another sphere after college. There is no one who gives you deadlines and projects to do, you are thrown into the sea and you have to learn how to swim.

Some people quickly find a boat and stay there forever because they are afraid of the beautiful but unpredictable sea. So they just watch it from the distance and they are satisfied with the boat life.  On the other hand  those who choose to try to learn how to swim are having difficulties in the beginning. But after some time and many attempts they succeed and they are able to float on the infinite horizon of the ocean. I guess this in the end is worth all the hard work.

Which way will you choose?

Pisenze, Italy, January 2013

 Desenzano del Garda, Italy, January 2013


Kristina Kac said...

Všeč mi je tvoj blog. Je nekaj posebnega in slike so zmeraj zanimive!

Tudi tvoja dela so dobra!


Evelina Donko said...

Popolnoma vse kar si napisala razumem, saj občutim to na lastni koži. Ampak jaz še sploh do faxa nisem prišla. Pa se že učim plavat v oceanu polno priložnosti in razočaranj, strahu in svobode.

Super napisano. (:

costumederigueur.com said...


I'd prefer to answer with a poem...as I see that you like poetry..I don't know if you have read it..It about Odysseus and his journey back to Ithaca...