December 14, 2013


Can you make your own instructions how to live your life?

It's been a long time since I wrote here. The past few months were a bit confused and now I can say the changes are coming.

 In the first place I wrote here a big blah blah story what happened but I realised now it's not relevant. I can just say that sometimes wasn't easy, I felt that I'm losing myself and I wanted to escape. To hide in a big world, somewhere where no one could find me and leave everyone behind.

Thinking of that and sharing thoughts with my friends and loved ones who supported me in any kind of decision,  I had an enlightment more or less two months ago. I realised that running away will not change anything. Running away will not change the way people see the world and myself. Running away leaves a bitter taste in mouth because you know you could have fought, but you didn't have the courage. Running away is the easiest way. Running away has this dramatic attitude and excuse that you're the crazy artist that no one understands so you have to go. I've been running away for a long long time, and it was about time to finally stop and start a revolution.

I stopped. And I paused for a while. What was I doing wrong that I've been going around in circles? Which were the obstacles?

Maybe it was not in finding the right answer, maybe it was in posing the right question.

Was I asking myself wrong things? Yes. I asked myself selfish things, like, 

- Am I good enough
? Do I look good enough? What should I do with my life? Am I really doing what I want?

where I should be asking myself: 

- How can my talents help and inspire others? 
- What I can give to the world to make it a better place?
- How can I serve?

And the world suddenly changed.

It was not just about me, me, me, it was about how I am conected to the others, and how can I participate in the society. That selfish concept of depressed artist is just passé, I wanted to be happy, productive and valuable

And this requires hard work, dedication and courage, because you know that there will come days when everything will be black, but don't go back as Amy did. The goal is to defeat the bad energy and to DO SOMETHING. 

 To give the world that art that is inside us and we're afraid to do it. It doesn't matter that it won't be good enough, it will matter that you've done it. And you made a step forward. No one made a masterpiece in the first place, and if you look at the great work of great artists,they have BIG mistakes. And maybe this is why we love it so much. So DO MISTAKES. Create.

(picture taken a year ago, by Dario)

( In this point I highly suggest the book War of art by Steven Pressfield, and a great talk by Neil Gaiman.)
There are tons of creative people who feel the same, you are not alone. When you realize this fact, it's much more easy. When you share at loud your big problems and anxieties, you realize that in fact, they are not really that big. And then you laugh because it's just so silly to think what others will say and because you have made some mistakes or you're not sure what really is your way. It's not important. Go forward with love, gratitude and passion.

In the end, I want to share with you the photography project I'm doing in this moment which is still growing and getting new heights. It's called What makes you feel beautiful and it's a way to celebrate power and beauty of real women who have a vision and who want to make a change. I'd be very happy to hear your thoughts about it and if you want to participate in any way write me!

                 CHECK  THE PROJECT HERE

Have a great, grateful and creative weekend, full of love and happiness!

 simplicity- picture taken by Dario

August 8, 2013


sleeping wherever we want
little rumors coming from the tent
blues while swimming under the stars
ice coffes and books
lolita dress and red shoes
suncream and water
salty skin where you have tatoo
disconnected from the world
but synhronised by soul
summer rain and secret beaches
diamonds in a spider web
getting lost and being found  
fruits candles and massages
unexpected smiles and ice creams
dirty jokes and laughing until crying
afternoon naps and slow waking ups
swimming suits and naked ankles
and the sea between us
sea of love

Pics taken on our last trip to Croatian Islands, Lošinj and Cres. Most of them taken in a place called Lubenice, a hidden jewel with no internet connection, one bar, one restaurant and lots of cats. Beautiful.

I'm now working on developing a bussiness, waking up 6am and going to sleep before 11. What seemed impossible before is now a routine, a creative one. Time got different value and this is good. It's precious and there is no need to throw it away. 


May 29, 2013


Today's photoshooting with Veronica, la grande Bellezza. Grazie, Vera.

May 20, 2013


This dress I made few weeks ago for a girl who's going to be testiomonial of her sister's wedding. Big thanks to my brother for the assistance at photoshooting.

May 9, 2013




Last weekend was quite busy, I had to make two custom made dresses, but I have to say I really enjoyed it. The feeling when you do something for the customer and she's happy about it is worth much more than every A I got at the university. I prefer to work as a freelancer than to be employee of one big company, where everyone has his position and you can't participate in other projects. I like to do a project from the beginning until the end, with some small help but more or less by my own.

 First dress was for Klavdija, she wanted to have a summer dress in bold orange and I combined it with lace. We went to take some photos in the nearest field and they came out really nice. The next photoshooting I'll post soon!

I am a homeless soul
you are my home

cities are my home
oceans are my home
never ending search 
for places which make you feel alive
for people who carry stories 
that need to be written

I feel good in places with million souls
where I can hide in a crowd 
and reflect my toughts
through the eyes of strangers
and eat the passion 
from those in hurry for something better
those places smell of freedom
my favourite smell

April 10, 2013


"I have always been impressed by the birds. Their colors, their shape, how easily and elegantly they move...  it seems they are one with the air. But what I find the most intriguing about them is that they can fly. How amazing must be the feeling of being completely free, to be able to spread the wings and go wherever you want.   And every journey is an explosion of colors and shapes, that psychedelic feeling of freedom is what I envy them most."

I want to share with you series of my paintings "psychedelic birds" which was inaugurated last thursday in Salo', Italy. It was a nice evening and I'd like to thank everyone who came. 
And everyone who supported me when I was struggling with my existential problems. But in the end, I finished it. And this is what I am proud of.

Tavi wrote a great post on Rookie which reguards questions that continuously cross my mind.
Here is the paragraph that I read almost everyday to convince myself that I have something to give to the world and that there is a chance to find that peace in me which was never lost but just hidden in the hurricane of thoughts and too shy to compare with them. 

....But if you don’t convince yourself that there’s something you can take out of or contribute to the world each day, you’d just never get out of bed in the morning, and most people who have the luxury of seriously considering such stupid existential crises (meeeee) have no reason to feel weighed down by the potential damage that’s out there anyways.....

Have a great day.

March 29, 2013


I found this amazing quote that I find very useful in everyday life:

this too, shall pass.

when things are bad, remember: it won't be always this way. take one day at time. 
when things are good, remember: it won't be always this way. enjoy every moment.

Be grateful for everything you have. Try to make the best of yourself and give that to the world to make it a better place. The world needs your talents and skills, so why are you procrastinating?

Give the best of yourself and you'll get the best of the world.


For my readers in Italy; you're kindly invited to my art exhibition on 4th April 2013 at 20.30 in Arci Salo', Vicolo Orti 1! 

March 22, 2013


I visited Padova and my friends who study there this week and here are some photos I took. Padova is a nice city full of students and I somehow missed being a student. University years were one of my favourite ever. I started to thinking seriously about doing a MA, (but it's hard to decide in what; art, video, photography, bussiness?).
I hated primary and high school and I didn't enjoy that much the first year when I studied Italian and French, but I did enjoy a lot my studies of Fashion design, also my Erasmus was great. Somehow I found group of people with whom I could connect. We are just a bunch of weirdos but we do know that we can count on eachother. I just love when we meet and we laugh so much on jokes which just we understand. 

This kind of connection with people is limitless. No distance can erase some precious moments spent with special people.  

They are with you in your pocket of the heart wherever you are.