December 7, 2012


It's been a while since I wrote for the blog. I've been working on my diploma thesis which is finally done now, I'm just waiting for the presentation on the middle of December.

These two moths seemed an eternity, it was a period of hard work and dealing with procrastination, a period of splitted life in two countrIes, coming and leaving, a period of laughing and crying. There were and still are plans changing from day to night, scenarios of two restless souls who are at times confused of which direction to take.

Almost every day I pose myself a question if this is the right way, or which is the right way. There are so many lives I'll never live. Choosing one is the hardest decision ever for a person with splitted personalities.

But yet I continue. 

I'll keep searching for a redemptious peace in myself and with the world again and again and again for all my life. And I'll not give up. 

I want to gain my freedom no matter how much time it will take. 
And while on this journey, I'll enjoy the little moments of pure happiness which usually are the moments of love and blue sky full of dreams.

(following paintings are from my graduation project, named Faces of red, where I was researching portraits and red color)