October 5, 2012


I am always curious why people want to find a meaning, to understand abstract/contemporary art. But sometimes art doesn't want to be understood, sometimes art want to stay in mystery and let you think about the art work. Maybe artist wanted to provoke your mind, or maybe he/she expressed his/her deepest feelings.

when I paint, I follow my instincts. I choose colors as if one invisible line lead me to the right ones. I make lines spontaneously, I free myself completely, no toughts at all. no music, no sounds, it's just me and the blank canvas, screaming to fill it. joy, fear, love, passion, suffering, sadness, happiness, anger, it's all in the painting. sometimes my paintings are violent, strong, as I am not by nature, but this comes deeply from inside. it happens that you surprise yourself by letting yourself go in painting. 
there has always been a lot of red in my work. and I am curious about this obsession, it's amazing how one color can posess you. 

I'm finishing my university now, deciding to dedicate my life to art. It will be a hard way, but it's the only way.


i would pay anything 
to make this pain go away
to free my body of suffering mind
to blow away the storm of sadness inside me
the tornado of toughts
bad bad toughts
i would rip myself apart
and dig deep deep into bones
scratching my heart until it bleeds
yell at it
punch it
you fucking heart
why are you doing this to me
why making things difficult
and heart will reply with bloody mouth
my love 
i'm letting out tears old ages
when there was too much pain 
and important was surviving
now i'm naked vulnerable and confused
of happiness we have and you want to scratch me
and bite me
and i'll expose myself to brutal world again
again again again
and you'll feel like you don't know me
but we are one
with pain and happiness
we always were

all artworks, photographs  and poem by me 


Evelina Donko said...

Se strinjam z prvim odstavkom. Zelo lepo (:

Andrea said...

Hvala :)

duckalicious said...

čeprov bolj redko objavljaš, je tvoj blog med mojimi ljubšimi. ful so mi všeč slike (sploh druga!) in pesem

Andrea said...

Saša, tako lepi komentarji me motivirajo, da bom bolj redno objavljala :) me veseli, da ti je všeč, hvala!