July 21, 2012


(self portrait on the last day of my staying in Italy, Lago di Garda 2.30 am)

It's almost two weeks since I came back home after my nine month Erasmus exchange in Milan. Time has never been passing that slow.

I felt very anxious first ten days, being without appartment, without freedom I had in Milan, without person I love, without my international company.
Smaller place means more possibilities to see people which you don't want to see, to hear stories you don't want to hear, to do things you don't want to do.

Beautiful, prententious, jealous place
they ask
but they don't want to hear     
afraid of everything better     
afraid of changes     
afraid of dissappearing     

they don't know      
it's been years they are gone     

just some drugs, just some drugs
we're too cool 

their bodies stuck in a beautiful cage
while their minds in a dark winter woods
where word freedom doesn't exist 

it's been years since I stopped praying for them
i never felt home there. always a stranger. always outsider.
I'm leaving this place
I'm going away

(art gallery in Florence)
                                                            (self portrait)                                           


                                                                                            give me the lights
                                                                                            my love
                                                                                            and skyscrapers
                                                                                            and noise
                                                                                            and crys
                                                                                            give me the stories
                                                                                            and secret beaches
                                                                                            give me the feeling of being alive
                                                                                            take me to the most deserted  
                                                                                            or most crowded place
                                                                                            nothing inbetween
                                                                                            no compromises
                                                                                            it's the only way I can survive

 (Lago di Garda, Italy)

(near Lake Garda, july 2012, 1 AM)

call me crazy, call me egoist, call me bitch or however you want
I don't care because I'm free
and you are still in your cage

 (Garda Lake, Italy)

 (self portrait, one night in Milan)

(Florence, june 2012)


Mancina said...

kako neverjetno smo si ljudje drugačni..v istem obdobju sva bili na istem mestu.. tebi tuje..meni za zaljubit..
pa že drži rek: home is where your heart is.. wb torej ;)

Andrea said...

hm, mislim da me nisi razumela... mislila sem ravno obratno. pa hvala za dobrodošlico, čeprav za kratek čas :)

ana said...

wow, lepe slike :)


anysingularwoman said...

Perfetto, sei meravigliosa. Dai, e' tempo a andare ;)

mikstejp said...

Pusti času čas. :)
Jzt sm bla eno leto v lizboni in ko sem prišla domov se mi je svet ustavil. Sem rabila kar precej časa, ene pol leta da sem padla nazaj v ritem in še danes (po 3 letih) mi je kakšen dan hudo, ampak potem si rečem, da sem lahko srečna, da sem sploh to doživela, spoznala te čudovite ljudi in bila zaljubljena kolikor je zaljubljen sploh možno bit. :)

lp, maja