March 9, 2012



                    do you know how is it
                    when you're dying inside
                    how does it feel 
                    when everything is crushing down inside you
                    like enormous amount of white, beautiful porcelain plates 
                    and they are falling, 
                    one by one,
                    those beautiful plates
                    those beautiful memories

                    have you ever felt like you cannot breathe? 
                    like a scene from a movie
                    like a beautiful girl who is drowning in a light blue water,
                    in a light blue pool
                    it's kind of funny how those hard and heavy things
                    then become so light, accompanied by sun rays
                    what music do you hear when this happen?
                    I hear piano, Una mattina
                    or Sull'aria 
                    and my body is moving slowly,
                    it's floating and looks like everything is perfect

                    it's a bright, shiny, beautiful day
                    and I'm drowning in a crowd 
                    gasping for some air
                    I hear the clock sound
                    tick tack tick tack
                    I always hated it
                    it shows you how your life is passing by
                    and you can't stop it
                    you can't smash that fucking clock
                    oh, shut up, stop, stop
                    I'm losing myself
                    gasping for something that is probably gone
                    or never was there
                    that freedom with you



kikayis said...

did you write it? is beautiful

Andrea said...

yes. thank you!