February 7, 2012


   sometimes I just want to get lost                                                
somewhere, I don't even know the exact place                                                
somewhere at the beach and where I could swim naked                                                
in a turquoise sea                                                
which goes perfectly with my red hair                                                
and somewhere where is joy                                                
and happiness                                                
and where I would feel free                                                
as when I was five and we were at the beach in one island in croatia                                               
it was nice, white beach and we stayed there until dark                                                
and then we went to the city                                                
full of lights                                                
and we ate ice cream and we got baloons and we went to lunapark                                                
and I want to go somewhere where is carousel                                                
and stay there for all night long                                                
and I often ask myself why we don't have summer all the time                                                
to eat cherries and strawberries and dance under the sun                                                
and got that feeling of belonging somewhere                                                
because I believe I belong to the summer and the sea                                                
so I'm putting a flower in my hair and smile on my face                                                
and I'll be high on those memories of that perfect summer                                                
and will wait for another one to come                                                
as now I am waiting for you                                                


Eva said...

Zgleda podobna Lani del Rey :) Čudovita slika.

Andrea said...

Hvala! Ja, je Lana wannabe :D