January 25, 2012


       there was a place              
            so lonely, so dead              
            so i’m throwing a party              

            there will be baloons,             
            red baloons,             
            and the place will be              
            bright and shiny once again              

            for the last time              

                        I want to share with you my project for photography class:

                        the concept for the project is concerning abandoned places.
                        they always look so sad, lonely, wide. why not to make them lively once again?
                        old mental hospital in mombello was a place which desperately need some brightness inside it’s walls.
                        I made an installation with fifty red ballons in different rooms in the hospital and photographed it.
                        in the first pictures the instalation with baloons seems surreal, as it wouldn’t belong to the place,
                        as it would be an intruder.

                        but in the next ones we can see how the place is becoming more and more lively.             
                        baloons know how to party, they occupied armoirs, beds and corridors, but all good parties always end in the toilet. 
                        so did this time. 


duckalicious said...

super ideja in fotke! zgledajo kot delčki giant maline :D

Urška said...

Simpatično, ni kej rečt! So prav smešni ti baloni v razpadajočih prostorih. To pomrni, da so dosegli svoj namen. Res všečno!

Ms Jelena said...

Impressive!!! Such a great idea and absolutely amazing shots!


Kristina Kac said...

Res dobra ideja, zelo mi je všeč, ti baloni znajo bit zanimivi in predvsem poživljajoči. Edina škoda je, da je treba povsod iskat helij če jih želiš obdržati v zraku :) Potem lahko pridejo ven čudovite fotke. Veliko sreče s projekti še naprej ;)

Slađi said...

Full full full hudo zanimive fotke! :)