October 18, 2011


let's go              
let's go over all this stuff in our heads              
it's been too long since they stay there              

it's time              
it's time to break all the rules we made to ourselves              
it's time to open the cage we put ourselves in              
it's time to find freedom              

let's do this              
and let's do it our way              

let's move on              
no thinking              
no solitary state of mind              
no anxious thoughts              
no hesitating              

no fear              
no more fear              
let's live as we always wanted to              
let's do this              
for once and for always              

the text was written few days ago, when I was in some kind of crysis. i am a lot better now, full of inspiration. 
...it's up to every human being which decision will he make.
you can just sit and complain or you can make poetry from ordinary world, it's up to you.

(pictures form Bellagio&Lago di Como, Italy)


beba said...

O vau, zelo mi je všeč! Jaz sem mislila, da je lirika od kakšnega komada.
Navdihuješ me!

Mushei said...

zelo lepo napisano! :)

Carolina Krews said...

nice photos! :)



Lindsey Bows And Arrow said...

such lovely pictures!!