July 20, 2011


Long time no post. It's been a hard month, exams, you know. 

So now it's time to relax. It was actually quite strange when everything was over. I was kind of confused, now what?  

I went to the seaside, I've been waiting for so long to go swimming. I think my friends were a bit sick and tired of my countdowning (I started in October :D). But it was just a momental satisfaction. I needed something bigger. A great change.

I cannot be at the same place for too long. I need some fresh air, fresh faces. Sometimes Ljubljana feels like a cage. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful, really beautiful. But it's too little to spread my wings wide. That's why I have my little escapes and someday I'll fly away.

Yesterday I recieved an e-mail where was written that I am accepted to Erasmus exchange in Milan. I couldn't be more happy! Everything went well, what well, brilliant! And I'm going to Greece on monday for two weeks and actually the whole thing didn't come to my head yet, it's too good to be true! 

Now I am starting a whole new journey. I'm ready to discover new boundaries of my mind and work. I know there are dark thoughts in my head sometimes but the most important thing is to stay positive and keep mind occupied. To create. To live all days to the fullest.

This dress is my favourite at the moment. It's perfect for summer and for gypsy mood of freedom. Photos by Barbara.


beba said...

Milano! Fino fino!

Kaj greš pomagat stavkat v Grčijo? ;D

Vso srečo pri ustvarjanju, pa čim manj negativnih misli ti želim!

Mir in ljubezen!

ninna said...

Obleka mi je zelo všeč. Pa čestitam za Milano :)

Ana said...

Lepa obleka! Jst se tut noro veselim izmenjave, sočustvujem s tistim utesnjenim občutkom ko si nekje predolgo, moraš mal stran :) Uživaj v Grčiji!!

Viktoria said...

Like your photos and the colors are awesome!
Hope you'll like mine -

Cess said...

love the dress! as always your pictures are sooooo pretty!
Please look at my blog!


G1pSY said...

A volte anche io mi sento come te, lo stesso posto non mi basta e devo andare da qualche parte per un po' :-)