April 6, 2011


my sketch from couple of months ago

These days I've been thinking a lot about certain posts of two of my favorite bloggers, Tavi and Eva, dedicated to fashion (business). 

As a student of fashion design I have to say sometimes I get really sick and tired of what is going on at my university and generally in fashion scene of our country.
There are so many two-faced people, and mean people, like in every business I guess, who want to succeed and who would keep on trying to put you down.
I’ve never been so immune to everything than now. You get used to it.

I wasn’t so into my studies last year. I wasn’t sure if this is it. I still wanted to go study acting, but then I changed my mind. I decided to finish this and go with the flow.
I set acting free: if something is meant to you, there will be a chance in the right moment and place and you’ll know: “this is it”.

So now I work quite hard and I like it. Of course there are depressing days when I ask myself: Is it worth it?
Lack of social life, lack of time for things I like (reading, painting, acting), stress…

Well, there is something. A feeling, when you made something good you are proud of. Something that can make you and other feel happier and more beautiful. Something what a story could be about. That counts. 

I don’t know if I’ll be in fashion business for my whole life. I’m not sure, there are also other things I want to experience. You never know what life brings to you. I even don’t know where I’ll be in five years. Maybe I’ll be doing an MA of whatever in Paris. Maybe I’ll work for a designer in Milan. Maybe I’ll be traveling around the world. Maybe I’ll be painting at one Greek island and running a small boutique of bikinis. Maybe I’ll be in New York, acting or directing. Who knows? But now ... I’m OK.


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beba said...

Če si zdaj OK, je tak vse OK (:

Dober post, se najdem v njem, le da nisem na faksu, sem pa dala srednjo oblikovno skoz, hah, in si predstavljam, da je na faksu še več dela. No, meni se je v četrtem letniku zdelo, da ni vredno, ker je blo še pa še stresa...

Jaz si tudi želim živeti kje ob morju in slikati. Pa tudi če ne bo ob morju... V vsakem primeru si predstavljam idilo :D