April 11, 2011


Great weather. 
A lot of work. Deadlines.

I just  want this academic year to be over and go to the sea! :)

Thank you Beba for the award, I'll write a post about that asap.;)


beba said...

Kakšen lep outfit, se že po njem vidi, da si z mislimi pri morju (:

Veselim se branja (:

Mir in ljubezen!

Mancina said...

WAW noro dober outfit!!! <3

pancakeSTACKER said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love the red flats. They had the perfect pop of color. The white blazer is something I definitely need in my closet. Cute outfit! Hope to see you on my blog again soon! :)


M. said...

love this outfit! so cute!

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

That belt is incredible! I love the red and black color combination in this post!

Chezka said...

Love the polkadot top and I dunno why but for some reason, for me, polkadots and red always make a good combo!! love your styling :))

- Che