February 6, 2011


This is the result of today's photoshooting. I wear the poncho designed by me and made by my mother (thanks mum:)). 
The inspiration for the poncho were the sea waves so I picked navy blue and white colours and the texture is really similar to the waves (it's knitted with really thick knitting needles).

I am always fascinated and inpired by the sea. I wish one day I would live somewhere by the sea. And I can't wait for summer, this winter is just passé.

I think often this time about my french summer of 2009. It was my best summer ever, full of freedom and full of life. I feel that summer of 2011 will be even better.  


Giuli said...

Stunning pictures! Loving your blog!

Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we can follow each other if you like?


Irena said...

waaa... full dobro! love the blog! full dobro! čist si me navdušla!!!

Andrea said...

Hvala Irena, vesela sem da ti je všeč:)

Six Six Sick said...

Very sweet of your Mom to knit up clothes for you! The poncho looks great against that backdrop!

Roz said...

What a lovely location - the colours of your poncho compliment the sea beautifully. I always like it when clothes and landscapes work together in tandem.
Thanks for the comment.


The Ram said...

That knitted sweater piece is fantastic!

Catherine said...

These photos are quite lovely! I like your poncho.


AVY said...

Pretty pics, and a nice poncho of course.


ainikki said...

Fine slike:-) Barve se res noro ujemajo:-)

Mina said...

you look so pretty here! love the photos

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

What an awesome poncho! I love knitting and would love to make something like this. It looks so warm!

Nina said...

lovely pictures! :)