January 10, 2011


(this picture was taken on 29th December 2010 in one café in Rijeka, Croatia)

Someone said I look a little insecure in this picture. 

And that is exactly how I have been feeling for some time.
Maybe the worst was during the holidays.

do you know that feeling, when you truly believe everything has changed and nothing will ever go back that way again and than ... it happens all what you believed in was just a bullshit?

i did nothing during the holidays. NOTHING. ZERO. RIEN. i was too busy getting high on chocolate and playing some stupid facebook games. how pathetic.
but I couldn't do anything.

then she asked me: why are you always running away? 
i'm running away to survive. to be alive. to be free. i've told you for a million times but you don't listen. you never did.

I'm picking destinations for 2011: Mexico, India, Thailand, Egypt, Yemen, Indonesia. I want to discover new boundaries in 2011, those of the mind and those of the world.


 I saw recently Les amours imaginaires  by Xavier Dolan. Besides directing, he also did the screenwriting and a leading role. Did I mention he's 21 (like me) and this was his second movie?

 (Les amours imaginaires)

Then I decided: If he can do it, I can do it too.

Now with this decision in my head, I have no time for being insecure. My father always tell me: If you want to survive, just do something, if possible something you like and you are good at. And do your best at that. Sitting and complaining won't change anything. And plus, if you do something, you don't have time for bad thoughts. That's it.

So let's do our best in 2011! 


Mathilde said...

Hi Andrea,

If you are as interested as I am in Xavier Dolan's work, you should definitely have a look at this website that offers people like you and I to produce his next movie.
Special contents and services are offered, plus potentially some royalties.

I'm in

beba said...

O, tole je svetoven post. Iskren. Tolažba in spodbuda obenem. Hvala!

Mir in ljubezen!