November 22, 2011



                                                                                                                                         what inspires me at the moment
                                                                                                                                        is all that shining

October 18, 2011


let's go              
let's go over all this stuff in our heads              
it's been too long since they stay there              

it's time              
it's time to break all the rules we made to ourselves              
it's time to open the cage we put ourselves in              
it's time to find freedom              

let's do this              
and let's do it our way              

let's move on              
no thinking              
no solitary state of mind              
no anxious thoughts              
no hesitating              

no fear              
no more fear              
let's live as we always wanted to              
let's do this              
for once and for always              

the text was written few days ago, when I was in some kind of crysis. i am a lot better now, full of inspiration.'s up to every human being which decision will he make.
you can just sit and complain or you can make poetry from ordinary world, it's up to you.

(pictures form Bellagio&Lago di Como, Italy)

September 18, 2011



- a pair of old (or new :)) shoes
- transparent shoe glue 50 ml (I used Pattex transparent shoe glue)
- silver glitters 40g
- paintbrush
- plastic cup
- tape

September 16, 2011


Yesterday my friends took some photos of me in my new blazer I made for the last exam. It was a crazy week, lots of sewing, but it passed and it passed well. 
I'm going to Milan in five days for one semester and I can't believe this is really happening. I am still looking for a room, if you have any useful information, please let me know. :)

September 4, 2011


It's cold outside. It's cold and I'll be cold soon too.

the hardest goodbyes are those with summer

It's something I couldn't live without. It is everything to me. It means freedom. Freedom of body and freedom of mind. I don't know and other place where my head is so drama-less. 
It inspires me with its infinite horizon. With its colors and sounds. With, the most important, its feeling

  It is perfect. Pure beauty. Pure perfection.

It is like a lover you are waiting for. So long, so long. 
 Every year, when the trees become green and when I put my winter coat back to the closet, yes, stay there forever, I put my heart shaped glasses on and the world seems better place. Yes, I'll be back to my love soon.

First swim after the whole year is always so beautiful that hurts. You get in slowly, drunk of all this beauty. 

Then you swim. FLOATING.

I get this floating feeling when I'm in love. And If I don't have a real fatal love in my life, I have the sea. Me and the sea, we are one. Always were, always will.

I'm a sea child. I guess you figured it out already.

starring: the multifunctional piece of clothing made by me

    July 20, 2011


    Long time no post. It's been a hard month, exams, you know. 

    So now it's time to relax. It was actually quite strange when everything was over. I was kind of confused, now what?  

    I went to the seaside, I've been waiting for so long to go swimming. I think my friends were a bit sick and tired of my countdowning (I started in October :D). But it was just a momental satisfaction. I needed something bigger. A great change.

    I cannot be at the same place for too long. I need some fresh air, fresh faces. Sometimes Ljubljana feels like a cage. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful, really beautiful. But it's too little to spread my wings wide. That's why I have my little escapes and someday I'll fly away.

    Yesterday I recieved an e-mail where was written that I am accepted to Erasmus exchange in Milan. I couldn't be more happy! Everything went well, what well, brilliant! And I'm going to Greece on monday for two weeks and actually the whole thing didn't come to my head yet, it's too good to be true! 

    Now I am starting a whole new journey. I'm ready to discover new boundaries of my mind and work. I know there are dark thoughts in my head sometimes but the most important thing is to stay positive and keep mind occupied. To create. To live all days to the fullest.

    This dress is my favourite at the moment. It's perfect for summer and for gypsy mood of freedom. Photos by Barbara.