November 30, 2010


photo via tumblr

It's midnight and it's snowing outside.
I've just returned from a walk.

I had enough.
                            all that work for university
                            all that people
                            all that stuff in my head

I actually don't remember when was the last time I enjoyed the snow so much.
5, maybe 10 years ago?

I set myself free. 
I acted like a fool small kid.

I ate snow and I remembered how my mom always was always telling me not to and when she wasn't watching my mouth quickly became fullfied with that precious white thing.

I almost forgot how it feels when you are running on the fresh, untouched snow. pure joy.

It was so easy when I was little.
I will certainly repeat that walk,

                                                                       when nobody's watching,
                                                                                                                laughing at myself,

                                                                                                                                                  rediscovering the child in me 


November 24, 2010


I've been to Venice few weeks ago with my faculty, we went to see The Venice Biennale. It was just one-day trip and I wish I could stay longer there. 
Venice is beautiful.  And calm. And it seems a bit surreal

It's very different than other cities in Italy or in the world. I don't think there exist a city with so much serenity but still alive. There is just one and only Venezia, with all that secret streets and bridges, with marvellous masks which makes me to have a masquarade party every night, with all delicious food, with all gondolas (once I'm going to hire one and have yummy pastries for breakfast while enjoying the view, like Holly at Breakfast at Tiffany's) and all the small shops with art materials that you can find nowhere. Ah, la dolce vita Venezia...

November 14, 2010


It was written in my guide: "Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of Alhambra." They did not exagerate.

I hate queues but this time it was worth waking up at 5am and wait for two and a half hours to buy a ticket to heaven.

If heaven exist, I'm sure it seems a bit like Alhambra. This is the most beautiful place I've ever been to. You just can't imagine that something so marvellous take place in the real world. It's a small paradise which makes you wish to stay there forever. Alhambra gives you the feeling that you are dreaming.  

It was hard to quit Alhambra and whole Andalucía. I wanted to stay longer, I wanted to feel that paradise for senses again and again, I wanted to be surrounded by that imense beauty forever. 

Now it's cold and gray and rainy outside and I often get depressed.
Then I pick my photo album of summer 2010 and I search for the part of Andalucía.
It makes me smile. 

Andalucía, mi querida, volveré!


November 9, 2010


A sneek peak of what I'm doing at the moment for my homework. We had to choose a theme and then draw some illustrations which later improve with the computer. My sketches will be inspired by the book THE RULES OF ATTRACTION by Bret Easton Ellis. It's about bohemian college students, mostly about three of them who find themselves in a love triangle. Dark, but funny novel.
I love illustrating, even more than designing. You can put more of "you" in the sketch and it's much more liberating. I wish we had more drawing&painting classes at my faculty.

It's complicated with my mind for quite some time now. When I start to think what am I going to do in 2 years, when I  finish this school, I feel confused like I've never been before. It's so hard to take the right decision when you love two different things and you don't know which one you love more. but maybe the time to choose hasn't come yet. because i'm not ready.