May 27, 2010


Summer is finally here! I love Ljubljana this time, everything seems relaxed and easy-going. The last picture was taken in Makalonca, one of my favourites cafés in the city. It's placed near the river and it's sooo nice there. Did I mention that they have the most awesome coffe in the world (Besides Starbucks, of course).

May 12, 2010

May 4, 2010


Last week me and my friend Barbara from ALTER MUFFIN went on a trip to Portorož, a beautiful town by seaside. I just love this place; it's so perfect. 
Sunbathing, doing nothing, being spontaneous, ice cream, new shoes, The Kooks:Seaside, girl talk, feet on sand, fresh fruit, boys, sunset...  
I can't wait for summer to begin.