November 30, 2010


photo via tumblr

It's midnight and it's snowing outside.
I've just returned from a walk.

I had enough.
                            all that work for university
                            all that people
                            all that stuff in my head

I actually don't remember when was the last time I enjoyed the snow so much.
5, maybe 10 years ago?

I set myself free. 
I acted like a fool small kid.

I ate snow and I remembered how my mom always was always telling me not to and when she wasn't watching my mouth quickly became fullfied with that precious white thing.

I almost forgot how it feels when you are running on the fresh, untouched snow. pure joy.

It was so easy when I was little.
I will certainly repeat that walk,

                                                                       when nobody's watching,
                                                                                                                laughing at myself,

                                                                                                                                                  rediscovering the child in me