October 18, 2010


Finally I have time to post pictures of my 5-day trip to Spain, Andalucía where I went with my friend Barbara. We've been to 4 cities: Málaga, Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada. I can barely describe with words how awesome Andalucía is. 

It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen.
It's the most magic place I've ever been to.
That vibe, that music, that food, that heat mixed with a lot of passion is a winning combination. I got a special feeling there in those cities, the feeling I am searching for all my life, a feeling of BEING ALIVE. 

First we made a quick stop in Málaga, and we went to the beach to chill out a bit. While driving with a bus to Sevilla, I saw a magnificent sunset, which resembled to african sunsets somehow. There was enormous glowing ball on the horizon and beautiful orange-gold-blue sky around it. Wonderful.

We were supposed to arrive in a hostel in Sevilla at 10pm; well thanks to my brilliant sense of direction (and a very lame hostel's directions) we arrived there at 12pm. Yippee!
We visited the giant Cathedral of Sevilla (I saw some really breath-taking golden sacral sculptures) and Reales Alcazáres, where I stood open-mouthed. It was like a fairytale, all that patios and gardens and fountains... Imagine how sultans and princesses lived there, they had big parties with oriental dancers and they can left the party when they get bored and go play hide and seek, of course with a different reason than children. I would kill for a garden like that.

Looking for something to eat, we discovered a great tapas restaurant Doña Lina Tapas where the food is just yummy. Tapas are a great deal, they cost around 2.50€ so you can order more of them; we tried calamares fritos, tortilla española and paella mixta. Everything was so delicious, and the restaurant has andalusian atmosphere and is designed typically with Arabic patterned tiles.
Later we walk a bit around, eating helado and getting compliments guapas, guapas! You will ever hear someone in Slovenia giving a compliment to a stranger (unless he's drunk). But guess what? It actually feels good! I'm in love with Spanish temperament and how laid-back they are. Especially I love their biorhythm; they sleep longer and they get to bed really late (I'm not a morning person). When we went to breakfast the next day in Córdoba at 9am it was like in Slovenia at 7am! They just started opening bars and there were nearly no one in the street. But this is the story for the next post.
Enjoy the pictures! :)


beba said...

Lepe fotke! Pa ful lušno bluzico maš!

Oh, si prav želim, da bi pri nas tudi hodili pozneje spat in dlje časa spali. Da ne bi imela več slabe vesti.

Hvala za komentar (:

Te bom dodala v blogroll (:

Mir in ljubezen!

Jessica said...

Very beautiful photos! I've never been to Europe but I would LOVE to go there someday! I'm following your blog!