November 17, 2009


I have Francesick today. Actually, I have Nantessick. 

I miss little Daphné who wants to be my sister. I miss that everyone cross the road anytime (drivers are sooo patient!). I miss eating  crêpes and drinking kir with some awesome couchsurfers in Trentemoult. I miss losing around and getting expert in asking for a right way. I miss sitting on the steps of Musée des Beaux Arts and enjoying the sun. I miss eating far breton in the park.

Il me manque regarder le manège dans l'Ile de Nantes.

I miss sitting on the grass near University of Medicine and  watching the sunset. I miss that everyone was so easy-going and friendly. I really miss those 5 days. It was perfect.



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Nantes? I love Nantes, went to college there.