March 25, 2015


tako ali tako se že vsi pretvarjamo 
da ima vse skupaj na tem svetu smisel
kot da ne bomo nikoli umrli
da smo kralji teh virtualnih trenutkov
in da je življenje ena sama velika loterija

kaj pa če bi se pretvarjala tudi jaz in ti
da je vse za vedno
da naju nič ne more ločiti
da metulji v trebuhu nikdar ne izginejo 
in da duša dvojčica obstaja, zares

samo danes
samo jutri 
samo dokler ne zaprem oči

- zgornja pesem je bila napisana v milanskem metroju na prvi list majhne beležke univerze v ljubljani, posvečena D., potem ko sva prejšnji večer gledala the theory of everything

- začela sem večkrat gledat v nebo, da se spomnem da smo majhni, in da konec koncev smisla ni in hkrati je, prav zdaj, prav tu.

- pogrešam slovenijo. slovenščino. čje in žje in šje. kosila v stadri. šivanje na faksu. popoldanske kave ob ljubljanici. interne fore iz ntfja. moje punce. 

- trenutno berem (goltam) ni je več. pred spanjem pa knjigo ki mi jo je podarila B. nisem slikala že nekaj časa, samo skiciram hecne kvaziavtoportrete. baterije se morajo napolniti. 

- pride čas ko se moraš posloviti od nekaterih ljudi in to boli. še posebej če so to ljudje s katerimi je možno graditi gradove v oblakih in živeti od barv in melodij. Hvala, Rafa.

- in gremo naprej. vsak dan znova. en vdih in en izdih.

March 6, 2015



My father Rajko and me had an exhibition opening this Sunday, 1st March in hotel Delfin in Izola, Slovenija. Many people came and we were really happy. An exhibition is always a milestone in a career, and it's always a big step forward, pushing you out of your comfort zone. 

The name of the series of paintings and monotypes is TROPICAL DEPTH. Lately I've been painting happy paintings. Because I think that in these dark times, or even if you tend to be dark inside, you need some light, some vivacious colours to lift you up.

In the series I was researching colours and shapes, lines and the relationship between all of them. Some are more wild and lively, others are more zen-alike. The colours are such a powerful tool to change our mood. Just watching at them can improve how you feel. My dear professor from university Marjeta Godler, also a painter, told me she found some deep freedom in my paintings.

Here are some pictures from the exhibition, I hope they will make your day brighter. If you are around Izola, go and take a look, the exhibition will take place until the end of March.

If you are interested in buying works or fine art prints, don't hesitate and write me on info (at)

Have a wonderful weekend, 


"tropical depth" 2014

with my dear friends and partner Dario

with one of my favourite paintings from the series

with my father

My father Rajko. I am so grateful to be his daughter and have his support on my artistic path. I learned so much from him, and I think he is a great artist. He loves nature, and this is why nature is in the spotlight in his paintings. He said that we need to reconnect with forests and find peace again. Each painting has a special energy, and as the title of his series says, we really do live in WONDERFUL WORLD.

February 27, 2015


Dragi bralci, lepo vabljeni to nedeljo ob 17h v hotel Delfin v Izoli, kjer bova razstavljala z očetom. Razstava bo na ogled do 31.marca. Se vidimo! :)

February 12, 2015


I made this jacket for my boyfriend as a birthday gift. I wanted to do something funky, modern and edgy, and combination of fake leather, black&white tweed and bright orange really rocks :) He was really happy and is wearing it proudly, as you can see on the pictures :D 

If you are interesting in having similar one, don't hesitate and write me! :)

January 26, 2015


Dear readers,

Firstly, I wish you all the best in 2015.
It has been a long time since I wrote a proper post.

I want to thank you for still reading Drama in my head. Really. That makes me feel that there is someone out that cares about what I write. So thank you.

I tried many times to write for blog. Even now that you are reading this, I'm writing and deleting rows because I cannot find the right words to express what I want to say.

So let's say that this post is kind of introduction. A pilot version for 2015.

What I learned in the past few months and weeks and days and I want to share with you, RAW version:

- There is always going to be something depressive in your life. And only you can change this in your head. So don't wait for the perfect condition because it will never happen. Live with it.

- That we all need to feel more connected. Because that's the thing that prevents us to be depressed and unhappy. So let's gather together with positive people more often. (blogger meetup anyone? :) )

- That we should love more. And be aware that love hurts. I'm not talking one night stand, platonic and surface relationships fuelled by passion of the moment. I'm talking about loving someone that drives you crazy because he reflects like a mirror all the points that you need to work on. Really hard. But it is worth it. Because there is no thing such powerful as love.

- That we should love ourselves more. And be tough and soft in the same time. To be that kind of person you always wanted but didn't have courage to do it. And to give yourself permission to glow. Because we all need that.

- You are going to do mistakes. Like, serious mistakes. That will last days, weeks, or years. Ant that in the end you should use all those, embrace them and make a good art form them. And make a step forward.

- All good things require hard work and dedication. But in the end, isn't that the only reason we get out of bed? And even if we don't feel like doing so, we have to push ourselves like our mothers used to do it when we were in school.

- Be your own cheerleader. Because only you can lift yourself up even if there is everyone pushing you down. It seems surreal but it is true. Be your own coach, make art that feels good, put the dark sides on paper and leave them there.


My last work: series of paintings Tropical depth.

I am working on creating happy artworks, works that inspire you and give you that air of summer breeze and warmth.

Prints available upon request! 

love, Andreja

November 21, 2014


we'll be so beautiful 
when we get old

he said while holding my hands 
a bit cold from early autumn greyness
when I got this feeling of melancholy
that comes from things being too perfect

only yesterday I cried in his hug
for world being too cruel
not letting me do everything 
as I want

in that small moment
under the high ceiling of central station
few minutes before the departure
I realised I have everything

I am everything
the stars 
the air 
the water
and the colour
it's me

I have no border and no limit
I am love

photo from the series: / tropical depth /

I found this in my diary. It didn't seem great at that moment, now after few weeks I find it much more precious. Will be back soon.

August 26, 2014


I came back from a travel holiday few days ago, and I found myself sticking around, not knowing what to do with all this stable dynamics. When traveling, time passes differently. Even tough it was just a twelve days trip, it seemed a month. And in the end me and my boyfriend both agreed it could be just a great beginning.

We traveled with a motorbike, which is a completely different experience than traveling with a car or with public transport. I was afraid of motorbikes few years ago, along with many things. I remember trying to convince my boyfriend to go with a car instead, picturing in my head all the brutal accidents that could happen on the road. But as soon as we started driving, I realised how enormously stupid fear is. And this fear gets me every time. 

After few miles of driving through the forest we catch the sight of the sea, my other lover. I could already smell the salty breeze that caressed our naked necks. What I love about traveling with a motorbike is that you sense everything so intense. You are not closed in a safe box of a car, you feel the temperature, you hear the voices and sounds on the road, you smell the odours of nature, cities and cars, you feel the danger and the speed.

Motorbike gives you freedom, but every freedom has a price. You are like a nomad, wandering around in big boots and motorbike jacket even when it's 35 degrees with sun shining. You have to carry around all of your belongings including protection belts, gloves, documents and helmet. It's not for everyone, but it is for everyone who craves of something wild and free.

Maybe few years ago I wouldn't be ready for a travel like this. My travel bags were usually full of shoes, dresses and accessories. That outfit needed that bag, and I couldn't be in the same dress everyday, what kind of fashion girl would do that. And yet I find traveling light so deliberating, I had just one small bag, smaller than hand-luggage on a plane, where I had to put only urgent things that I'll need on the road. When my brother saw the bags, he asked me how was I supposed to put everything in those two small bags, I smiled: just one is mine.

This kind of travel changes the way you see yourself. With a everyday use of helmet, you can forget about good hair days. And your make up routine gets down to a lipstick and sunscreen. But the most curious thing is that you don't even need all those tricks that society states them as required. The wilderness and the road need no gold, no shiny belts or bracelets, no super full lashes mascara. What is a real beauty is waking up with a sun shining on your tent, hearing the sea waves few meters away, beside a person you love and you are so grateful for everything that exist in this world. You start enjoying small things as having a DIY salad on the beach, making grill with other people in camping, playing with small kittens on the street, enjoying the silence and darkness of the night full of stars.

Most of the time we are too spoiled and we forget that those are the things that make our existence full. No fancy beach bars, no loud music and cocktails, no glamour, nothing superficial can overcome the beauty of simplicity. If you are lucky and have a chance to find a private corner, I say also no clothes.

Now I crave for another voyage. I'd love to make longer one, the kind of travel that stretches your mind, that puts you in a position where you have no option but to hold on tight and ride. Through life, through your toughts, through the questions that may be life changing. Every non-conformist travel is a kick into reality, making you notice things you need to change, areas where you need to grow, fears you need to overcome.

And after any of this, you feel a bit more free, a bit more naked to yourself, but more strong. More wild.

more about the travel in the next post!